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5 Beautiful male kpop voices


This list is all about power and techniques, not popularity. Of course, it’s my opinion, although I did a lot of research on vocal analysis for kpop. 

5. Daesung (Bigbang)


He sings with so much passion and beauty and love. His voice feels like velvet. He brings so much emotion into a song.

Owns the stage in: I Love You

4. Hongki (FT Island)


Hongki has it, full control over his voice. He’s so magnetic, you can’t look away when he sings.

Owns the stage in: Severely

3. Jaejoong, the healing voice (JYJ)


The most important aspect of Jaejoong’s voice is his expressiveness. His voice is smooth and known as a “healing voice”, but he has so much power that makes him perfect for rock. I’m glad he’s finally making his way into k-rock.

Owns the stage in: One Kiss

2. Xiah (JYJ)


The famous husky voice of kpop. Junsu has one of the most powerful and solid voice’s I’ve seen. To be honest, I think he can sing anything he wants, even Whitney’s songs. How SM managed to lose Jaejoong and Xiah in one go?

Owns the stage in: Boys Letter and It’s Over (musical)

1. Yesung, the art like voice (Super Junior)


Even though Yesung started his training at 16, his voice was already on point when he auditioned. Yesung doesn’t have the recognition he deserves, damn, he shines in the sky. Yesung is known as the “art like voice” due to the deepness and sadness it has. To be honest, I wish Yesung left SM. I really do. He has so much to do and to show, but SM won’t give him the space he needs. 

Owns the stage in: The More I Love You

There are many many many other amazing voices, but these are diamonds. 


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